Designated Reporter Responsibilities

Designated Reporter Description

This policy designates as “responsible employees” for Title IX purposes those employees who have the authority to address prohibited conduct and whom students would reasonably expect to have the authority to remedy prohibited conduct in in light of this policy. The UO refers to responsible employees as “Designated Reporters” because they are always obligated to report student disclosures to the Title IX office if they have “reportable evidence” of prohibited conduct. These employees are required to direct students who disclose sexual harassment or sexual violence or any other form of prohibited discrimination or harassment to resources that can help and have the responsibility to report the information shared with them to the university administration.

List of Designated Reporters

This group includes high-level and supervisory employees such as the president, vice presidents, deans and athletic directors as well as employees tasked with responding to incidents of sexual harassment and violence such as the director of student conduct, Title IX appeals officers, resident advisors, and UO Police Department officers.

Responsibilities and Action Steps

All employees are expected to promote a compassionate campus community by responding to disclosures in the following way:

  • Respond with respect and kindness.
  • Listen to the student before handing out referrals and information.
  • Be sensitive to the needs of the survivor, without being judgmental, paternalistic, discriminatory, or retaliatory.
  • If the student appears under 18, ask. If the student is under 18, explain the reporting requirements for minor "abuse."

Support the student disclosing personal information. Use the link below to access helpful information about disclosure conversations.

Disclosure Conversation Guidance

Action: At the time of a disclosure

  • Support the student.  Refer to Disclosure Conversation Guidance for helpful information about these types of conversations.
  • Acknowledge and be transparent about your responsibility to report evidence of harassment and discrimination to the Title IX Coordinator or the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity.
    • Thank them for reaching out and acknowledge that it is difficult to ask for help.
    • Include any other reporting requirements if you are a Campus Security Authority or supervisor of a student employee. Refer to Other Reporting Obligations.
  • Consider the student's age. If the student appears to be under the age of 18, ask them their age. 
    If the student is under the age of 18, you are required to report the information shared as a state-mandated reporter. Refer to the HR website for information about mandatory reporting of child abuse.
  • Do not attempt to investigate the incident or ask for more details than the student volunteers.
  • Connect the student with resources:

Action: Following a disclosure

Other Responsibilities

  • Display the Designated Reporter sign prominently near your work area. The Title IX Office distributes this sign to Designated Reporters. 
    The Title IX Office will be distributing signs soon.  In the meantime, please download and print this temporary sign.
  • Include your reporting status in your email signature.  Refer to suggested email language options
  • Include suggested syllabus language on course syllabus, if applicable.
  • Understand other reporting obligations regarding harassment, discrimination and child abuse.