How to Report

If you or someone you know (student, faculty, or staff) has experienced gender discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence, the university can offer assistance, support, and resources:

Submit an anonymous report online (non-confidential) via:

All members of the UO community are encouraged to report an incident of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, and stalking, the Title IX coordinator, the AAEEO, UOPD, or any faculty member or employee at the university. If a report is made to the AAEEO, UOPD or any faculty member or employee, the report will be forwarded to the Title IX coordinator.

What Happens When I Make a Report?

When the Title IX Coordinator receives a report of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence or stalking, the person who made the report will be contacted by the Title IX coordinator or a confidential staff member from Crisis Intervention and Sexual Assault Support Services.

The Title IX Coordinator or confidential staff member will offer you options and resources to address the discrimination or harassment and support the individual who experienced gender discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence.

Resources and Assistance