Required Training Programs

For Students

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Education team offers a variety of innovative initiatives and best practices to educate and build awareness around complex issues of sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, gender-based harassment or bullying, and stalking. As part of UO’s comprehensive approach to alcohol education and sexual violence prevention, it is required that all new incoming students complete an online prevention program. Freshman also attend IntroDUCKtion during the summer and Week of Welcome, as well as the live program Get Explicit 101 during the beginning of Fall term.

IntroDUCKtion — The summer theatre production, presented by the Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT) of “It Can’t Be Rape” is a mandatory presentation delivered to the 4,000 students entering the UO who attend the summer orientation sessions (IntroDUCKtion). The production includes education about consent, sexual assault, dating/partner violence, stalking and sexual harassment.


Get Explicit 101 — Get Explicit 101 is a mandatory program for all first year students that addresses what it means to be a Duck by preventing sexual violence. The training includes interactive discussions about healthy sexuality, boundaries, communication, consent, social norms, sexual assault, and bystander intervention.

Get Explicit 101

For Employees

Workplace Harassment Prevention – This mandatory training for all employees is required to be completed within 90 days of hire, and again every three years (unless an applicable collective bargaining agreement has different requirements). This online training covers types of workplace harassment and discrimination, reporting obligations and resources that are available to all employees. If you have questions, please speak with your supervisor or contact Human Resources at 541-346-3195.

Workplace Harassment Prevention

Optional Training Programs

For Students and Student Organizations

Customized presentations and workshops can be scheduled with the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education staff, as well as the award winning Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team.

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Education team partnered with International Affairs to create educational videos created by, and featuring, student leaders that outline definitions of sexual and dating violence under the University of Oregon Student Conduct Code and Oregon law. These videos are currently available in English with Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean subtitles.

Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team: The nationally recognized and award winning SWAT program has two major components, a weekly class during the academic year where students devise and present theater-based educational presentations for their peers, and a summer production performed for incoming first-year students during orientation. During the school year program SWAT presents across campus to a wide range of audiences including student athletes, residence halls, international students, fraternities and sororities, academic classes, student of color and LGBTQ student unions, student government and other campus groups.

Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team

For Students or Employees

Rehearsals for Life: Rehearsals for Life is a joint project between the UO Graduate School and the Office of the Dean of Students, started to help people learn and practice stepping in and defusing disrespectful situations. These are not just ordinary theater performances; audience members are invited to participate in the performances and practice navigating potentially disrespectful situations. This can be a great way to explore how to handle difficult conversations in the classroom or workplace, practice handling disclosures of traumatic experiences and role play navigating employee reporting obligations.

Rehearsals for Life

The Office of the Dean of Students provides educational programming, trainings, and workshops throughout the year addressing a variety of issues including drug use, sexual assault, partner or domestic violence, harassment, and stalking. They can work with you to create a workshop or presentation that best fits your needs or those of your organization. They have created and adapted trainings for academic courses and departments, student organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Intercollegiate Athletics, Residence Life, graduate students, various orientations, and more.

Office of the Dean of Students

To Request Customized Training Programs for Your Department or Organization:

To schedule a training or workshop for your department or organization, please contact Kerry Frazee or Abigail Leeder.

Training Opportunities for Employees

Policy Training

The Title IX Office provides a video presentation that explains and addresses employee responsibilities for reporting discrimination and harassment including specific responsibilities as they pertain to student disclosures.

View Policy Training

New Employee Orientation

This half-day workshop is designed for new administrative and classified employees; however, new or current faculty and other employees are also welcome to attend. This session covers employee reporting obligations and occurs every other month. To sign up please visit Making Tracks.

Register in Making Tracks

Quarterly Trainings

Understanding prohibited discrimination and employee reporting obligations: This training, offered quarterly for all employees, is an opportunity to learn about what behaviors may constitute prohibited discrimination and harassment, to understand employee reporting obligations and to gain practical tips on how to handle conversations with students that may disclose difficult experiences. Employees may sign up at Making Tracks.

Creating a Respectful Work Environment

This comprehensive training opportunity will help employees to understand various components of a respectful workplace, including information on employee reporting obligations, prohibited discrimination and harassment, and handling difficult conversations as a supervisor.

To sign up please visit Human Resources or call 541-346-3159.

Ombuds Program

The Ombuds Program provides customizable workshops for campus conferences, team meetings, department retreats, or other university events. The ombudsperson is often called upon to develop and/or deliver training sessions and workshops. Additionally, the ombudsperson can help facilitate forward-looking meetings (e.g., strategy sessions). If you or your group would like to explore something along these lines, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Other Resources for Training and Questions

To Request Training on Employee Reporting Obligations and Understanding Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace please contact:

Title IX Office
Office: 541-346-8136
Location: 106 Johnson Hall

Office of Civil Rights Compliance
Office: 541-346-3123
Location: 677 East 12th Ave., Suite 452

NOTE: Due to the large number of requests for training, we are currently encouraging employees to sign up for one of the existing opportunities listed above. However, if none of the listed opportunities fit the needs of your department or organization, please contact us to discuss how we can ensure all employees receive the training they need.

This page will continue to be updated as more trainings become available and as content is created which will live on this site – such as videos and narrated trainings to assist with the understanding of all of the subjects covered on this site.